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MAV1152HY Series


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The MAV1152HY controller unit is used for the control of one proportional solenoids and additional switching valves.
The proportional solenoid output is pulse-width-modulated (PWM) and optimally adapted for electric proportional control of Brevini Fluid Power products.
The switched outputs are designed for the direct switching of on/off solenoids, relays, and lamps.
The MAV unit can managed 1 PWM current output and 5×2 switched outputs + venting valve (max load 9 Amperes).
The RS232 serial interface and BPE software tool enables the connection of PC for service functions, such as diagnostics, parameter setting or display of process variables.

BPEterminal : Software di interfaccia utente per parametrizzazione e messa in servizio prodotti elettronici:
BPE Terminal

Driver USB per convertitori e adattatori USB/232 forniti da BPE:
BPE Drivers

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