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XDC3 Series


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XDC3 Proportional directional valves closed loop position control.
The valves XDC serie 2 control the direction and the volume of the flow according to the feeding current to the proportional solenoid. The position transducer type LDVT (inductive position transducer) monitors the actual position of the spool.
In the electronic card (type SE.AN.21.RS…serie 3) the error between the actual position and the reference signal is used to obtain a greater precision of the spool positioning, reducing also considerably the hysteresis and the repeatibility error of the valve. For a more accurate flow control, 2 or 3-way pressure compensators modular plate design are available.
The shown flow rates are typical for one line operation (e.g. from P to B). By using the valve with the base for capacity doubling type BC.3.07 greater capacity can be obtained.

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