Gear Motors OT2HR

Gear Motors OT2HR

Gear Motors OT2HR: Hercules Series

The gear motors construction include a gear housing, mounting flanges and covers in cast iron material.

Thanks to this construction the Hercules gear motors can be used in heavy working conditions and allow the transmission of high hydraulic powers.

Also they offer very good mechanical and volumetric efficiencies and a low noise level.

The Hercule gear motors offer high volumetric efficiency even at high temperature.

Displacements from 4,10 to 30 cc/rev and working pressures up to  330 bar.

This Series includes a wide range of shafts available and flanges ( European, German and American standard ).
Inlet and outlet ports can be GAS threated or flanged type.
Possible options / configurations:  with front bearing, with maximum pressure relief  valve, with anticavitation valve and high pressure shaft seals.